Catalytic Converters & Battery Scrap

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R.S. Davis Recycling purchases Catalytic Converters and Battery Scrap (Auto, Truck, Industrial) at all three of our locations. If you have a small quantity of Catalytic Converters or Battery Scrap, please bring them by one of our three facilities or call 503-655-5433 for more details.

If you have larger quantities and are a commercial seller, please call our Catalytic and Battery Program Manager, David Fitts at 503-508-5908. David has many years of experience purchasing both Catalytic Converters and all forms of Battery scraps in the Pacific Northwest and the Portland, Oregon area.

R.S. Davis Recycling provides prompt payment, accurate grading, and very competitive pricing on your Catalytic Converter and Battery Scrap. We look forward to hearing from you!


scrap auto batteries

We accept a variety of batteries including, but not limited to: Car batteries, golf cart batteries, UPS batteries, industrial fork-lift batteries, motorcycle batteries, and commercial batteries. These can be regular lead acid, sealed lead acid, gel type, or absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. These are recycled by grinding them, neutralizing the acid, and separating the polymers from the lead. The recovered materials are used in a variety of applications, including new batteries. To learn more about the different types of batteries and how they are recycled, visit our battery recycling informational page.