Commercial Scrap Metal Specifications

Some items require preparation or must meet certain size requirements before we can accept them for commercial recycling. Please see the list below and call 503-655-5433 if you have any questions.

For recyclable items:

  • Motor blocks - pan and filter removed
  • Light fixtures - ballasts removed; we buy the ballasts once removed
  • Oil and fuel tanks - must be drained, dry and clean with a 1-foot open hole
  • Cable - cut into 3-foot lengths or neatly bound
  • Vehicles - title or acceptable paperwork required

For scrap metal items:

  • Clean cast machinery or parts accepted
  • #1 Prepared - minimum 1/4 inch thick, maximum 3 feet by 18 inches in size
  • #2 Prepared - 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick, maximum 3 feet by 18 inches in size
  • Unprepared - minimum 1/8 inch or larger in thickness and larger than 3 feet by 18 inches in size

Call for specifications:

  • Sealed containers and propane tanks
  • Refrigeration compressors and air conditioners
  • Transformers - Call for details
  • Refrigerators and freezers